How To Make A Summary In English

The summary in English is a task required by middle schools up to the university, as it could be used for the preparation of an exam or at the time of writing the thesis. Wherever requested, the aim of this exercise is to understand the meaning of a piece in a foreign language and extract the main information. And this also applies to high schools, where the summary also serves to facilitate the study of English literature.

Finally, it is useful to know how to do a summary in English also at the university, since it could be used for some examinations, but it is above all required in the drafting of many university theses. Now let’s see some useful tips to effectively carry out a summary in English.

How to Make a Summary in English: Reading
Before summarizing, we must first read the text well in order to understand its meaning and try to understand what the main information to insert is. It will then be necessary to pay attention to unknown terms: underline them and look for them immediately in the vocabulary, otherwise you may not interpret the meaning of the text correctly.

How to make a summary in English: divide the text into sectors
At this point, divide the piece into conceptual areas. And of each one, try to get the main topic or information.

How to Make a Summary in English: Writing the Summary in Italian
To facilitate the work it would be useful to first write the summary in Italian, paying attention to inserting everything necessary and eliminating unnecessary information.

How to Make a Summary in English: Translation in English
Now you can focus on the summary in English. Translate the summary into English using the vocabulary and choosing well the terms to be used. In this phase, we must pay attention to the use of verb tenses, the plural and singular names, adjectives and the correct transcription of terms.

How to make a summary in English: proofreading and checking errors
Now all you have to do is re-read what you wrote, correcting the incorrect terms or not convincing you at all.

How to Make a Summary in English: Summary in English in the Thesis
As mentioned before, the summary in English can also be requested at the university, usually for inclusion in a degree thesis (but also for an exam). The procedure to do is the same as the one shown above, with the exception that it will start directly from a fairly long and articulated text in Italian. Proceed in this way:

Read the thesis and for each chapter write down the main concepts.
Summarize in Italian, taking care to include a short introduction, a brief description of each chapter and a brief conclusion.