Tips for students

The degree thesis represents the final act of the university course. However, the writing of a thesis is not as simple as many might think and therefore must be organized in a careful, rigorous and systematic way, following a very precise procedure.

This also means taking care of even the smallest details that only a few think of, but that have their importance for the final evaluation. Starting with the creation of the cover, so as to make a good impression immediately. In this regard, let us now see some simple tips that will help you make a beautiful and effective degree thesis cover.

The way a thesis is presented says a lot about the thesis itself and about the student. Also because it represents the first thing that the graduation commission and the supervisor himself will notice. And this is one more reason to ensure that it is treated in detail, but following some parameters So students can ask about help how to write my essay fast . The first thing to do is not to create a cover that is too trivial or tacky.

But it doesn’t even have to be too serious, not to give the impression of being too … snobbish! Usually, each university is identified by a color. Therefore, it would be appropriate to make the color of the cover of the thesis coincide with that of the university being attended. This does not mean, however, that you cannot choose another one to your liking, as long as it is not too “flamboyant”.

Once this is done and after thinking of course about the material and the binding, you will have to think about the heading. This is the part that requires the most care: make sure you write in a clear, correct and orderly manner, so as to transmit immediately to the reader all the most important information to know. Remember that the texts will be structured according to a generally standard order.

At the top of the center, you must indicate the name of the university with its logo next to it, followed, in the line immediately below, by the name of the faculty you are attending and the degree course (usually written with a smaller font). At the center of the cover, positioned after the subject matter of the thesis, you will have to write the title of the subject treated, so that it has a prominent position.

At the bottom of the page (a little more than the bottom edge), the name of the graduating student (aligned to the left) and the name of the speaker (aligned to the right) will be entered. At the bottom of the center you must enter the academic year in which you are graduating. For texts it is preferable to choose a clear and simple writing font, such as Arial or Times New Roman, and a color that is in contrast with the color of the cover, so that the writings are easily legible.